My name is Louise Magee and I am passionate about supporting people, through therapy, who have complex and difficult life challenges.

I have a unique background as a therapist having studied as a pure clinical scientist in reproductive immunology. After graduation, I trained as a clinical embryologist with Lord Professor Robert Winston at Hammersmith Hospital before continuing my professional development at Guys and St Thomas's.  I became interested in the relationship between the mind and the body and was interested in the response of the adult body to childhood trauma. As I began my therapeutic practice, I naturally found myself working with sex and relationships and then specialised in psychosexual therapy and couple relationships.  I now use my expertise to support individuals and couples who struggle with relationships. I have a specific ability to support couples who are going through fertility treatment and I integrate my experiential, emotional and therapeutic tools to support clients at a pace that they define for themselves.


Certificate in Compulsive Sexual Behaviour 2021-2022 CICS Institute

Energy Psychotherapist 2 Year Training 2020- 2022

Neonatal and Infant loss training 2019

Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy 2019 NAOS Institute, London

Pg.Dip Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy level 7 2016-2018 University of Middlesex

Certificate in counselling skills and theories 2015 National Council of Psychotherapy

Trauma Dissociation and Recovery PODS 2015

ASIST II Advanced Suicide Intervention Skills Training 2014

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy 2014: Certified experiential introduction for mental health practitioners and coaches.

Certificate in Somatic Trauma Therapy (Babette Rothschild) 2013

Certificate in Clinical Embryology 2002 Association of Clinical Embryologists

Pg.Dip Clinical Embryology 2002 Institute of Biology with Association of Clinical Embryologists

M.Phil Reproductive Immunology 1995 University of London


"I have really found my session invaluable with Louise, Working through many traumatic experiences, how physical & emotional pain can be connected, I have learnt so much about myself. I have fybromyalgia and found working through these layers of physical connected with emotional pain, so helpful to my wellbeing. I find Louise very trusting and professional. It’s has been very emotional path, well worth it, I’m definitely knowing of my triggers and can release these better. It’s been valuable work, allowing to help myself.
I like the fact that Louise is a woman and I enjoyed the way the integrative counselling has worked for me. It’s the first time I’ve felt like I've got somewhere with therapy."

"I was recommended Louise by a friend when I was going through a divorce and a very dark time. I went to see her when I was feeling the lowest and most helpless I have ever felt. What happened to me personally and in my life after the sessions were nothing short of a miracle. I was practically suicidal when I went to see her and she lifted me out of a black hole. As well as amazing counselling and an incredibly honest approach there was a whole spiritual side to the sessions that was opened in me through Louise. The change in my energy after I'd seen her was incredible and it's been onwards and upwards ever since. I can't recommend her highly enough and I have seen a lot of therapists! No one has helped me in the way she has and I am so grateful."

"As I live in Switzerland I was very happy to be able to work with Louise on line. I appreciated her warm-hearted, positive, pragmatic and humorous way to support me in developing tools to help myself, in getting into contact with "my self" and to find my way. And it is amazing to experience that we don’t have to be in the same room for this work as energy has no limitations."

"Louise has been a true inspiration for me. At my lowest point she turned my life around and helped me find myself again. She gave me the tools to cope with any obstacle that life may bring. I feel uplifted and free thanks to her healing and counselling techniques and can happily applaud her amazing approach to a truly wonderful new way of being."

"The doctor referred me to Louise because of her expertise around, IVF, Infertility, trauma, sex, and relationships. What also appealed to me was that Louise had worked previously as an embryologist which gave her a deeper understanding of the IVF process.
My first assessment with Louise she was able to put me at ease, it was obvious from the start that I would be able to share my thought feelings and fears with her without feeling judged.
Louise created a safe and professional space for me to explore past trauma, feelings of inadequacy disappointment and loss.
Louise was dynamic in her approach to working, it wasn’t just an hour of talking, she would offer things to look at, books to read and things to try, such as breathing exercises and visualisation technique, this might sound odd to say this but I breath differently now. And the dizzy spells are a thing of the past
Louise was able to support some of my more practical dissensions, for example.  when would I be ready to try again? (I put IVF on hold till I was ready) and one or 2 embryos?
I honestly feel like my time with Louise equipped me to of been able to manage and enjoy life with acceptance and love for myself whatever the outcome. however, in our case a long awaited baby girl."

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