How does couple counselling work?

The couple relationship is often extremely challenging because it will bring out a depth of issues that may not surface in other less intimate relationships. As your therapist I see any presenting issue as a “couple” issue. This means that rather than assigning blame and responsibility on one partner, the issue is worked with as a couple issue. Both parties are able to understand and find solutions for the presenting issue.

When a couple comes to counselling they are usually in some kind of crisis and at the end of their own resources. Therapy will begin by us signing a contract and outlining goals for the  work we will do together.

Couple issues may include:

Intimacy issues


Historic trauma



Race and Religion


Financial difficulties

Chronic illness and disability



Communication difficulties

Seeking help for relationship difficulties requires courage and willingness by both parties and is a very good first step towards resolution of your problems.

As an accredited and experienced psychosexual and relationship couples therapist I will support you to express your emotions in a healthy way. Quite often, emotions are old and manifest as repeated patterns and feelings that are triggered within the relationship but may actually be related to childhood events and trauma. We often choose a partner who represents the positive and negative aspects of our childhood carers and this may trigger old wounds in both parties. It is possible to transform even the most difficult childhood patterns using the therapeutic techniques that I can teach you. These may include different ways of communicating, active listening, somatic processing, psycho-education, cognitive understanding and reframing events.

Building resources and strengths as a couple is a very good way of strengthening the bonds that will help you cope with inevitable ups and downs of life. I can support you to create a new relationship vision and pursue your dreams as both a couple and as individuals within your relationship.

You will find that couple counselling is different to other therapy modalities, you may be given assignments and exercises to complete at home. This kind of therapy involves more interventions than listening therapy but the goals and pace of the work will be governed by you and the outcomes that you require.

Session Fees

My fees are £70 for individuals and £85 for couples per fifty minute session.
It can be really helpful to have a double session for couples, the cost of this is calculated pro rata.
Please note that my fees have just increased for the first time in three years, however I am passionate about being able to support clients and do not want financial hardship to preclude access to sessions so please let me know if you are struggling financially and we can discuss fees accordingly.

I am an accredited member of the College of Relationship and Sexual Therapists, AccCOSRT and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Practice when working with couples and psychosexual issues. I am fully supervised by a COSRT approved supervisor. I am also an approved member of British Infertility Counsellors Association.

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