The felted vulva is a visual tool designed specifically for psychosexual therapists, couples counsellors and sex education teachers who are working on line with clients and students.

The Felted Vulva comes in three visual needlefelted layers that will sit comfortably in your hand for the purpose of colourfully demonstrating vulval arousal and anatomy in a practical way.

The top layer demonstrates the labia majora and labia minora, the vaginal opening and the position of the clitoris head within the clitoral hood.

The next layer is a fully removable and 3 dimensional clitoris which can be made to move to show positioning when aroused and also when non aroused.

The base layer has a tactile G-spot which can be used to demonstrate the location of the G-spot when the clitoris and labia layers are in situ together.

The felted vulva is hand made to order by Louise and costs £95.00 plus (p&p)

To order The Felted Vulva please use the contact form or email Louise directly at;